Hunan University International Winter Session Program

Hunan University is situated in the historically and culturally renowned City of Changsha. As one of the key and most comprehensive universities affiliated with the Ministry of Education, it has been included in the state's "Project 211" and "Project 985" for priority investment and construction. HNU has been involved in international education collaboration since 1998. With 20 years of successful experience and the fully utilized education resources, Hunan University grasped the moment to launch it’s International Winter Session in 2017.


The International Winter Session normally open from December to January of the following year and available to sign up at any time of the year. Students who have been accepted by overseas universities or registered for undergraduate degree, both domestic and abroad, are able to apply for winter session and earn official credits. The program intends to offer a flexible schedule which covers over 50 courses and provide students with abundant option. With more than 10 academic areas available, including statistics, economics, philosophy, psychology, history, social science and humanity ect, applicants are easy to select course to coordinate the training program with their home university academic schedule. All the courses will be English-instructed by accredited domestic and overseas college teachers, availability of courses will depend upon sufficiency of the enrollment. Students who complete the program study and fulfill the requirement will get an official transcript and a course-completed certificate endorsed by Hunan University. Students who have permission from their home university can get credits transferred and accelerate their graduation.


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