Hunan University International Summer Session Program

About Summer Session Program

Hunan University International Summer Session Program usually lasts from May to August. It brings a variety of courses and programs to suit your needs. Whether you are a registered college student, a high school student interested in our Pre-College Programs, or an individual seeking professional development or personal enrichment, you will find courses here you will enjoy and need.

Benefiting from the world-wide accredited professors and extremely abundant educational resource, students from the domestic and the the abroad can experience a remarkable campus life in a rigorous yet vivid learning environment. 

Hunan University (HNU) is a “211 Project” key construction university jointly established by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information, People's Government of Hunan Province and State Administration of Science - Technology and Industry for National Defense and also a university selected by “111 Plan”, “2011 Plan” and “Thousand Talents Program”.

A Brief Introduction to HNU ISS

Hunan University International Summer Session Program is open to students at home and abroad. It is a great opportunity to take required courses and get closer to graduation. It is hosted by Hunan University. As one of the well-known universities in China, Hunan University started to provide students with standard and authoritative programs of International Summer Session in 2016.

Academic Information

The transcripts of Hunan University International Summer Session Program are endorsed by HNU. In each session, student can choose 3 courses at most. Each course is instructed in English with 72 contract hours and will be awarded 4 credits which equivalent to a standard 4-credit semester-long course in U. S universities and 6-credit semester-long course in Australian universities. The number of credits that can be transferred to applicants’ home universities is subject to the register office of each university. Both HNU students and non-HNU students can apply for HNU ISS.

Hunan University International Summer Session Program offers a wide range of courses including economics, business, social science, humanity and western arts and culture, etc. HNU ISS’s faculty team consists of a number of experienced professors from well-known North American universities and Australian universities.


HNU ISS is officially offered by Hunan University. The academic transcripts will obtain the certification of China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center(CHESICC) and World Education Services (WES).