Hunan University International Summer Session Program

Course Format

1. The Hunan University International Summer Session Program offers plenty of courses instructed by accredited professors from all over the world. All courses are strictly arranged in accordance with rigorous U.S and Australia academic system.

2. All of our courses are lectured in English. Each course has 24 class sessions in total. All sessions are 2 hours and 30 minutes in length. The total instruction time is 60 hours with 110 minutes meeting time each class .The office hour is no less than 140 minutes every week.

3. All of our courses follow the same structure and standard of most U. S. and Australia universities and correspond directly with North American university education system as well as Australia education system to ensure the credit transit. 

4. Each course of our program will be awarded 4 credits which equivalent to a standard 4-credit semester-long course in U. S. universities and a 6-credit semester-long course in Australia universities. 

5. Each course at Hunan University International Summer Session can fit 30 participants maximum. The system will automatically accept no more applications when the course is filled. Under such circumstances, to register the course you need to fill out the application form and be held on a waitlist. In any student drop the course, candidates will be added in the class in sequence.